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Our Favorite Chains: April 27

As theStarting Chain Facebook Pagehas been growing, we decided it’s high time we highlight some of the awesome crochet pieces you’ve designed and posted. That’s why we’re starting off with the feature “Our Favorite Chains”! If you’d like to be considered, just post a picture of what you’ve designed to the Facebook page, and if we like it we’ll post it up here!

Crochet1“God is good! He’s given us gifts that can benefeit others.” – Gina Dunn Hunt

Crochet2“At long last, I have finished this afghan. The goal was to use up all the yarn in my stash of these colors. I worked on this thing until I got so sick of it, I just had to stop. And yes, there is still yarn left over. Stats: 72 rows, 42,198 stitches, 7.5 pounds, shown on a queen sized bed.” – Debbie Weed

Crochet3“Just wanted to share the King Dedede I just finished… My kids are in love with it.” – Danielle Deluna

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