Our Favorite Chains: April 29

Here are today’s featured chains! Aren’t they great?! Be sure to add your pics on theStarting Chain FB Page!

Crochet1“Steampunk/Victorian Necklace & Bracelet. (Necklace Pattern by Jeweled Elegance, LLC)” – Lynn ‘LB’ Bryant

Crochet2“I asked my daughter what she wanted for her 21st birthday. She said she’d like a funky, light green hat. This is what I made for her….” – Tina Knechtel

Crochet3“A baby afghan I designed to avoid “holes” big enough for a wee one to get fingers caught.” – Dawn Turner

Crochet4“A picture of a picture of a dear friend’s Baby Girl.Unfortunately, she drew on it with her new Crayons!(kids will be kids)” – Gina Dunn Hunt

Crochet5“A dragon scarf I just finished for my son. The pattern is really user-friendly, and designed by Myntkat on etsy.com.” – Tammy Jorenby

Crochet6“I couldn’t find a pattern for Flounder, so I made up my own. Sorry to say I didn’t write anything down.” – Karen Deitch

As always, be sure to come to ourcrochet page, andupload picturesof your projects! And also check out our deals on yarn, patterns, books, and more!

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