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Our Favorite Chains: April 8

Here are today’s featured chains! Aren’t they great?! Be sure to add your pics on theStarting Chain FB Page!

Crochet1“I made this for a friend of mines daughter and she loved it” – Alice Blessing

Crochet2“Finished these cuties this morning:)Griffin and Co.” – Lacy Griffin

Crochet3“Trivet” – Pamela Ann Willson

Crochet4Cheryl L Robinson

Crochet5“This is my most recent project. It’s for my niece’s baby showet” – Anna Nino

Crochet6“pattern can be found in “our best baby afghans” by leisure arts. I done mine in Hot grape, violet, and lilac by yarn bee.” – Tammie Jamison

As always, be sure to come to ourcrochet page, andupload picturesof your projects! And also check out our deals on yarn, patterns, books, and more!

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