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Today’s Featured Chains – February 7th

Here are today’s featured chains! Aren’t they great?! Be sure to add your pics on theStarting Chain FB Page!

Crochet1Mandy Lugo

Crochet2Gisenald Charles

Crochet3“Staying busy on winter cold nights, creating “teddy bears” for springtime sales…” – Susan Tice Clingan

Crochet4“baby’s blanket I’m working on” – Nancy Fowler- Jasuirkowski

Crochet5“My little bunny 🙂 A hat for a customer and I LOVE the picture my daughter took for it!” – Autumn Waid

Crochet6“My 2013 Mardi Gras Bear. Lundi” – Joanne Noel

As always, be sure to come to ourcrochet page, andupload picturesof your projects! And also check out our deals on yarn, patterns, books, and more!

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