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Our Favorite Chains: January 26th

Here are today’s featured chains! Aren’t they great?! Be sure to add your pics on theStarting Chain FB Page!

Crochet1“Just learning after having a nominal understanding of the craft most of my life. It’s a calming and satisfying past time. Love trying new patterns.” – Natalie King

Crochet2“one of 2 little “voodoo” dolls I made my grandson calls them Coraline 😉
for everyone requesting patterns I did not use one basically I made the legs on this one I did a magic ring of 6 SC (American) SC 2 in each SC then SC 2 in every other giving me 18then I SC in back loop only round one time then made the leg the size I wanted, after both legs where done I crocheted them together forming the body base, just made the body and head the size I wanted put on any decorations stuffed it made the arms just a smaller version of the legs attached them and done all in all took about 2 hours” – Crystal Gail Cunningham

Crochet3“Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up this Sunday, The Saint Patrick’s Day Afghan is still available.” – Darlene Dennis

Crochet4“This is my most recent finished project. Baby Blanket using Caron One Pound in Cream. It’s a combination of V-stitch and single crochet. Hope the new mom like it as much as I do.” – Lori A. Hocking

Crochet5“I made a lot of these dolls in the 80’s for my girls…just recently found the patterns again. I think one of my granddaughters is going to get this one if it doesn’t sell” – Karen Baughman Lyons

Crochet6“I finished this baby blanket last night. It is for a friends baby. I backed it with fleece so little fingers and toes wouldn’t get tangled in the pattern.” – Nancy McAllister Rooney

As always, be sure to come to ourcrochet page, andupload picturesof your projects! And also check out our deals on yarn, patterns, books, and more!

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