Our Favorite Chains: July 19

Here are today’s featured chains! Aren’t they great?! Be sure to add your pics on theStarting Chain FB Page!

Crochet1“My grandson, who is a Coastie, graduated Naval Dive School. This is his graduation present from me. Took 3 months to crochet and assemble. The most fun I’ve had on a project for a long time.” – Ginny Rizzuto

Crochet2“My witch from today <3 :)” – Katja Lembke

Crochet3“cannot see if my post of this new doily came across…the orginal idea was a scarf from magikal crochet…they have some free charts there…” – Anita Fishburn

Crochet4“Mitsy of Tabby tailors showing off her modeling, lol told you she loved her crochet cloths. ? has been wearing my work since 1999” – Lucia Thiel

Crochet5“New project waterbottle holders” – Bernadette Klicin

Crochet6“Cro-Bot! Yarn store plus hardware store!” – Kathie Korth

As always, be sure to come to our crochet page, andupload picturesof your projects! And also check out our deals on yarn, patterns, books, and more!

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