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Our Favorite Chains: May 7

As theStarting Chain Facebook Pagehas been growing, we decided it’s high time we highlight some of the awesome crochet pieces you’ve designed and posted. That’s why we’re starting off with the feature “Our Favorite Chains”! If you’d like to be considered, just post a picture of what you’ve designed to the Facebook page, and if we like it we’ll post it up here!

Crochet1“I just finished this project on the 28th of April. Two crocheted squares joined together with an insert of cardboard square that is covered with fabric, sandwiched in between the granny square. Several joined together, crocheted together to form a room and attic, used as a bedroom. I then made bed covering items and even made the furniture, the bed and chair.” – Irene Swink

Crochet2“This is one of six gift sets I made for my niece’s baby shower last weekend. This one is made with a cro-hook (a hook with a hook on both ends) using two color yarns making the pieces reversible.” – Palmet R Munoz

Crochet3“The crocheted piece that took me the longest to create was the Christmas dress I made for my first daughter 31 years ago. It took me four months to crochet it and I’ve pictures of her, both of her sister and every granddaughter to date wearing it. I’ve attached a picture from 2005, when my second granddaughter wore the dress. This picture probably shows it off the best.” – Stephanie Haberman

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