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Photo Inspiration: Independence and Courage in Crochet

We’d like to thank Beverly Bryan for uploading this wonderful photo to our Starting Chain Facebook page. It was in celebration of Independence Day, but also has a personal meaning. It is of Beverly back in 1976, the Bicentennial, with the flag she crocheted. She writes,

“In1976, I was the DAR Good Citizen for the state of Tennessee. I crocheted this flag to use in my Betsy Ross skit. The flag was displayed in the Smithsonian as part of a student display. There was nopattern, except the one in my head!

We love it because it shows the courage of a young person crocheting without a pattern. And, it’s a large flag! It shows what how a good eye for design and layout can take a crocheter far.

Thank you for inspiring us, Bev! It was a beautiful piece of art and having it displayed in the Smithsonian is such an honor!

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