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Spruce Up Any Pillow In The Blink Of An Eye With This Great Embellishment!

Nothing brings the room together quite like a nice set of throw pillows; but in case you have not been to the store lately looking at the price tag on those things, then let me be the one to tell you that they can get expensive fast. (Who knew? It’s a pillow!

With that said, if you want a new look for your throw pillows but are looking to stick with your budget and don’t want to break the bank, then we have a great project for you today!

In the following video tutorial from Wooly Wonders Crochet, you can learn how to make these beautiful pillow decorations and embellishments that you can easily add to any pillowcase! Who needs to spend the money on a brand new pillow, when you can just give your current ones a makeover? Even better, these embellishment are a great way to use up scrap yarn!


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