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Love That Classic Plaid? Get The Look In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom With This Easy Project!

While we have shown you other dishcloths in the past (which we honestly still love and use on a daily basis!), this washcloth is special because it is plaid!

When it comes to various patterns, we are pretty sure that plaid is about as classic as it can get, and we think it is really cool to be able to crochet it and re-create that absolutely iconic pattern! As if it couldn’t get any better, it is actually a very easy project, so there’s nothing to be afraid of with this one!

Follow along with this video from HappyBerry Crochet’s (a written pattern is available here) and then get to crocheting! We know that you will hands down love this project and enjoy your plaid for awhile to come, so do not forget to take pictures of your finished project and show us how you did!


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