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The Puff Stitch Gives This Hat Such An Amazing Texture!

We have featured a lot of projects that use the puff stitch (how could we not, we absolutely LOVE the puff stitch), but we will be honest, this project is in the runnings to be one of our favorites!

B.hooked Crochet has produced this fantastic tutorial showing us how to make a puff stitch hat. It is cozy enough for the winter, yet so stylish that we are sure you will want to wear it year round, regardless of the weather!

Needless to say, we hope you will check out the video tutorial below, and get to work on your next project; we just know, without a doubt, that you are going to absolutely love this project!

Do you need a refresher on the puff stitch? We have you back, just click here for the tutorial!

Now, grab your hook and yarn and happy hooking!


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