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Now That I Know This Beautiful Seafoam Motif, I Want To Use It On Everything!

We are always looking for new and unique ways to bring life to our projects or change them up just a bit and we think we found just the thing for your next project!

With that said and before we actually get any further, we have to be honest; we feel it is our responsibility to warn you that once you learn how to make this motif, you will want to use it on everything: blankets, shawls, tablecloths, placemats…okay, we are sure you get the picture!

No, we are not kidding. This seafoam motif is absolutely stunning. In the following video tutorial from Yolanda Soto Lopez, you will see just how simple this elegant motif really is.

Now, grab your yarn and crochet hooks and get ready to learn this gorgeous motif; when you are done, be sure to show us how you decided to use it!


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