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September 4 – Featured Crochet on Starting Chain

from: Will Cox: “Six months of weekend crocheting for this sampler afghan for my 11 year old Sadey. She picked each square pattern and the color scheme. Crocheted by Tracey Cox”

from: Linda Kirwan Tharp: “Made this for my granddaughter.”

from: Niki PorterCreations: “My first attempt at making a “pillowghan.” The long sides are folded over then folded from the top end, square by square, and then tucked into a pocket that’s attached on the back. Wish I could post more than one photo of this one to show you what I’m talking about!”

from: Michelle Koehn: “My niece asked me to make her a blanket, Specifications were ‘stripes’ and ‘very colorful’. She loved it!”

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