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Some Days You Crave Crochet Color

We’re all so lucky to love an art form that can be so very colorful! Yarn is wonderful. The colors can be intense. This morning we’ve selected three works, all shared by our readers, that have rich color. We hope they inspire you, too!

from Hannah McKenna: “Finally completed this lap blanket in creative cotton. I’ve been using up left over cotton. More photos Penelope’s Patchwork Pitstop.”

Hannah adds that the flower pattern came from Ravelry and that she created the border herself.

from Cindy Hanner: “Just finished this oval afghan it’s just over 6 feet long and 5 feet wide, single crochet with an M hook. It is made up of Red Heart SuperSaver White and lots of skeins of fancy furs, eyelash, and many other specialty yarns. No pattern was used. I just added enough stitches to each round to keep it flat.”

We love how Cindy has experimented not only with color, but also differing types of yarns. It looks to be a warm, oval rainbow.

from: Ednita Torres: “Happy Spring Everyone ! “

With crochet, we can let flowers bloom in all kinds of colors. This wreath looks so good up against the weathered white door.

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