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Sweet Hearts

Michele Moore’s photo of her afghan is so charming. It reminds us all of how handmade crochet can bring us warmth in many ways and how much we like curling up under one with a cup of coffee or tea and a good book. Having flowers nearby is a special treat, too.

Michele’s afghan is in the “Sweet Hearts Pattern”. She got the pattern from a book in the “A Year of Afghans” series. Her book came from 1998. She found it in a second hand book shop. Those of us who love older patterns know that yard sales, thrift shops and used book shops offer a wealth of pattern and “how to” books at a very low cost.

Michele added additional panels to the afghan in order to make it large enough for a full-sized bed.

It is so beautiful. We hope that everyone can see the hearts in the design. Her deep rose color is perfect, too. Thank you, Michele, for posting it to Starting Chain for us all to enjoy!

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