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How Cute Is This Teddy Bear Headband?!? What A Great Beginners Project!

We have found a great beginners project from Wooly Wonders Crochet that will really hook you! (Love the pun as much as we do?)

Take a look at the teddy bear headband below…seriously, how adorable is that? The best part is, it is so simple to make that we are confident to say that crocheters at any level can give it a try!

As we all know, there is nothing better than a project that lets you practice your crochet, and produces an adorable, usable item as a result. We think this will make a great gift for the little one in your life or for the mama to be and the soon to be little on in hers!

So what are you waiting for, give it a try! And remember to share your photos with us, we love to see your finished projects!


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