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The Aptly-Named Tire Tread Stitch Has Quite The Unique Texture!

To be expected by anyone who has been crocheting for as long as we have, we absolutely love adding new stitches to our repertoire! Not only does it allow us to keep learning and experimenting with our projects, but it gives us a wider variety of stitches to choose from and we can never get bored by using the same stitch what seems like over and over and over again.

With that said, we have to admit that this Tunisian Tire Tread stitch is definitely one we are glad we learned! With a solid, firm texture, this stitch is great for projects like wash cloths or boots!

Follow along with this great tutorial from New Stitch A Day, and download the written pattern and instructions here.

Once you’ve mastered this gorgeous stitch and use it in a project, be sure to share with us how you used it!


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