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The Coolest Kind of Graffiti: Yarn Bombing

CrochetBy: Stephen Crane (Photo: The Telegraph)

Imagine taking a walk outside then seeing a yarn-covered bus cruising down the street, or trees covered in crochet. Weird? Maybe, but it’s a trend that’s slowly catching on through yarn bombing.

Yarn bombing is a rather recent expression to come out of the knitting and crocheting community. It’s a public form of art or ‘vandalism’ (let’s use that term loosely) whose general purpose is to just make the world a bit cooler, and a bit more personal.

The earliest bit of yarn bombing we know of comes from the Netherlands in 2004, and Texas in 2005. Magda Sayeg is attributed with the US side of the inspiration according to The Telegraph. According to her, the idea started from knitting a small cosy for a door handle. It sort of grew and exploded from there.

Are you curious about just exactly how this is done? Well here’s a rather informative video to sate that curiosity! Yarn bomber Olek posted this video to wish everyone a “Happy Bullish 2011!!!” Just imagine how long this crochet took her!

This may also be the first time in history law enforcement has ever had to utter the words “Those crocheter are getting out of hand.” While amazing, yarn bombing is still technically illegal. Crazy, I know, but it’s actual graffiti. The good news for all the potential artists out there, is that very few people are willing to prosecute. It is completely harmless, looks amazing, and most importantly: temporary.

Do you want to know more about this latest form of public expression? Look up Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti.

And now, here are some amazing pictures to show just how amazing the trend is.







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