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The Extended Moss Stitch Looks Great; Learn How To Do It Here!

As crocheters, one of our constant go-to projects is scarves, dish cloths or blankets, and there is nothing wrong with that! I love making those projects as much as the next person but sometimes, I need to switch up my stitches to keep myself from getting too bored or feeling like all of my projects are melding into one giant, never-ending project, which isn’t actually as glorious as it may seem.

With that said, perfect for scarves, afghans, or smaller projects like dish towels, the extended moss stitch is easy and looks great! Mikey from The Crochet Crowd shows us how in this wonderful tutorial below, using double crochet and playing with the chains. Take a look in the below video tutorial and then definitely give it a try for yourself; you are going to love this stitch and how it looks on your future projects!


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