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The Joy of Crocheting for a Baby

1010273_4486952706829_283290233_nWe’d like to thank Bridget Dupre for sharing with us all this beautiful photo of a very sweet crocheted baby blanket, sweater and hat. All of us who have done crochet for babies know the joy it brings. From shopping for just the right yarns to working each chain and then adding the little trims, it’s all a delight. Those of us who have recieved gifts of crochet for own own babies keep them as treasures to hand down through the generations. We can bring them out from time to time and marvel.

Bridget writes that he daughter helped pick out the colors for this set. It looks very vintage in design and is beautiful.

Fortunately there are many patterns, including free ones, for baby sets. Darling designs can also be found in old publications that our mothers or grandmothers may have kept.

947150_10200869738456983_541575417_nMany of us who love both crochet and baby “things” love the traditional designs and the kinds of crochet work that goes back through time. This very stunning baby bonnet was posted by Linda Babin. She writes, Ilove heirloom crochet, especially baby bonnets. This is what happens when I try to copy a heirloom bonnet, not the same, but close, and so much fun to figure out.” It looks, to us, like a sweet summer bonnet that could have been worn in the 18th or early 19th century. Thank you so much, Linda, for sharing your work with us. It’s important to keep up the traditional arts.

How many of us have crocheted for babies? Do you have favorite patterns? What kinds of yarns do you like best? Have you tried using vintage or heirloom designs?

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