There’s No Such Thing As Leftover Yarn At Starting Chain!

We recently posted an article suggesting 5 things you can do with yarn leftover from crochet projects (you can find it hereif you missed it), and we were excited to see what you guys came up with! Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed! Check out some of our favorite user-submitted photos.

“No such thing as scrap yarn at my house. If there’s more than 2 inches, it gets used. Mural is all done in sc with a LOT of color changes.” Awesome,Birdie Gaile!

“I’m making a scrap yarn blanket with all of mine…” Thanks for sharing, Andrea Hogan!

“Baby hats for NICU’s.” What a great idea,Gloria Hearon Backus!

“Even the smallest amount becomes a bow or a flower!” So cool, Jen Jacobson!

“When I have scrap yarn, I make little hats. Sometimes I make what my children call “Hobo” blankets.” So cute, thanks for sharingRosalind Bryant Fowlkes!

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