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This Peacock Motif Is Bright, Bold And Beautiful…Learn How To Make It Here!

As you know peacocks are known for their colorful, beautiful plumage, which is where this gorgeous motif gets its name!

Did you know that peacocks have microscopic “crystal-like” structures that depending on how they’re spaced reflect different wavelengths of lights resulting in the bright colors of their feathers?

Well, today’s motif project may not have those same “crystal-like” structures, but we promise you that it is absolutely beautiful and may even call for a sparkly yarn choice…that’s what we would likely choose to do!

We can see this peacock motif looking great on a number of projects, so we could not wait to share it with you. Get the free written pattern here, and follow along with this wonderful tutorial from Deja at Crochet Ever After.

How will you use this motif in your next project? Let us know in the comments below!


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