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Today’s Featured Crochet: July 25

We’d like to thank Alice Roush not only for sharing with us all this very lovely afghan she just made but also the pattern name and source. It’s called “Ruffled Flower” and is by Jo Ann Maxwell. Alice says that it’s available from Ravelry. This afghan is beautiful and classic.

Starting Chain, of course, loves vintage crochet. This baby set, posted by Rachel Bazzy, is about the most lovely we’ve ever seen. Rachel writes,

“HEREis vintage! Made by my grandmother over 50 years ago. My Mother brought me home from the hospital dressed in this. I note the blue flowers…wonder if they thought I was a boy…hahaha”.

It’s just so nice to see loved pieces from days gone by. Rachel is so lucky to have her “going home” outfit.

Barbara Channell Wilenius writes,

“Thisis a baby dress I finished yesterday and wanted to share with you. It’smy first attempt at a dress. Usually I make afghans, hats, etc. The pattern came from Leisure Arts and the dress is called ‘Whipped Cream Dress’. I hope you like it.

We do! It’s classic and beautifully done and will be a heirloom.

We can all say “Wow” with Nancy Ganyo’s work of filet crochet done several years ago. It contains 103 rows and took her 3 months to make. She’s no longer sure of the pattern source but believes it came out of either Decorative Crochet or a Magic Crochet magazine. It is very beautiful. It is art. Good things almost always take time. Thank you so much Nancy for helping inspire us!

We love crochet bombing, crochet with recycled materials and the type of creativity that makes you stop and say “What is that?”…all with a big smile. Diana Canday has done all that. Yes, it’s a cat in a tree. She just simply writes, “Made this cat out of plarn using single and double crochet stitches.” Notice, too, that there seems to be some crochet on the tree trunk, too! The plarn cat is one of the cutest things…. Here kitty, kitty….

Thanks so much to everyone who has shared photos of their work and to those who have also given as much information as possible about pattern names, sources and construction hints. We love the stories and inspiration! Chain On!

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