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Today’s Featured Crochet: July 4

As evening comes this Independence Day, we’d like to feature three works of crochet recently posted by our readers. The captions are in their own words. We hope they inspire…

1044823_10200608029417121_2001036631_n“It’s from Leisure Arts–A Year of Afghans, Book Eleven, (year 2000)” — Delores Owen

1045014_582336521818255_943206045_n“Ihave only two more rows to finish sewing together and its all finished!Used the African flower pattern, I call it “A Walk In the Garden”. Thisis only my second afghan, and I am so proud of this one!” In response to a question about if she used the “join-as-you-go” technique: Imade each flower separately, making all of them before I started putting them together. I could pack yarn in my purse, and whenever I hada moment, I would work on them. I then sewed them together into strips, joining one end of each. Then Ican buzz along and sew all the strips together. That way as I’m joiningthem, I can weave in all the ends. I’m still learning, and I didn’t even realize until my last flower that my ‘single crochet’ stitch is actually just a slip stitch!” — Jasmine Foley

601692_616862308332953_1503331127_n“Thisone I made is called a Double Wedding Ring. I made it for a wedding gift. I really enjoyed making this one. The pattern can be found at RedHeart in the free pattern section.” — Georgeanne Altice

Thank you all for sharing photos of your work with our crocheting community at Starting Chain. We learn from each other. Yarn Over!

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