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Today’s Featured Crochet: July 7

Good Evening from Starting Chain! We’re featuring tonight some projects, as posted recently by our readers, that would be fashionable for us– for us grown-up and loving good style. Crochet isn’t all about babies and afghans! We hope you’re inspired to try new things with crochet.

1005102_10200215510691424_1813758869_nKatie Levesque‘s bag is beautiful and we’d like to thank her for also giving information about her pattern source. She writes,

“Easy pattern to follow at https://www.etsy.com/shop/shelledenfor $4.99 US. I embellished with a bit of color (as shown in the pattern) and used Caron One Pound Off White for the bag. I plan on making a couple more with Caron One Pound Lilac as Christmas presents.

We looked at the pattern and have to say that Katie’s use of color is just perfect!

1009874_702890636404746_2143022890_nRhonda Hall‘s swimsuit topper has been popular with our readers. We love the edging on it! Rhonda shows how crochet fashion can be up-to-date and trendy. We can see a topper like this being worn, too, with over a simple dress or even with jeans and a tank.

1010516_557494834308106_922963943_nJust love this wrap from Fancy Knots. She made it with a slit for tucking through. We’ve seen several patterns for wraps and shawls online and they’d all be easy to make. It’s hard to go wrong with classy black. You can easily add your favorite edging.

1012322_10200321500500934_1047210336_nGrace Hedenquist writes,

Ijust finished blocking this – the pattern is from Crochet Magazine, January 2007, pattern by Doris Chan. It is called “Cat’s Cradle Lace Topper”. It is made with 100 % cotton yarn, and will keep its shape if washed.

Wouldn’t this look lovely over a silk camisole? We’d like to thank Grace, too, for giving the pattern information in her post. It’s always good when we can help each other.

Thanks to all of you who have posted great photos of your crochet on Starting Chain. There are so many patterns out there for really creative projects…and fashionable ones, too!

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