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Today’s Featured Crochet: June 30

All of these wonderful crochet projects have been shared with us by readers just like you. We inspire each other.

1044568_700328609994282_459030507_nOur readers who closely follow Starting Chain on Facebook enjoy the posts by Rhonda Hays. We’d like to thank her, too, for giving the pattern information for this great set of baby blanket, hat and little shoes. Rhonda writes, “The blanket: Redheart Shell Christening set -WR1974. Shoes:”Mary Janes” by Carolyn Christmas.Hat- basic beanie and flower.” Love the red and white!

1017580_357215767738693_234121672_nOf course, everyone loves the traditional patterns for table cloths. This is just the center portion of the beautiful one made by Evelyn Smith in the traditional Pineapple pattern. Evelyn said in her post,“This is my favorite pattern to make. It took me about 4 weeks to make it and it has hundreds of pineapples in the pattern. Took about 5 1/2 miles of thread.” It is stunning and classic!

19910_4308672895027_1511882361_nAnother form of classic crochet, filet, is represented by this fantastic table runner made by Levandowski Sharon. It is 72″ long and 24″ wide. It’s so very well done! It’s so good to see this traditional form of crochet kept alive!

1003895_10200279756424269_1623821727_nJust love these colorful coasters posted by Sandy Smith. Many of us can identify with what she writes,“I made these coasters from a free pattern on Craftsy. Although I started crocheting 16 years ago, it’s only recently that I’ve picked it up again after raising 5 children! Now I get to begin creating things for myself and also my beautiful new granddaughter!” We love them!

1011882_10201268502545462_1482778779_nIt’s good to seeVanessa Larson’s work, showing a willingness to just try something new. She made this purse without a pattern. On her post she said, “I wanted a new purse so I made one! Just made it up as i went along. It was so much fun to make I started on another one!” One of the nice things about crochet is the ability to experiment. There are so many great colors and textures of yarn. We’re free to try out new things, sometimes without knowing where we’ll end!

Thanks to everyone who has shared their beautiful crochet! Yarn Over!

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