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Today’s Featured Member Crochet: June 13

1013674_469296719816290_1810821773_nShearl Gilstorff-Schmidt posted this photo of the absolutely darling pinafore dress she made for her granddaughter. Shearl was good enough to also include information about the pattern. It is “Angel Wing Pinafore” from Ravelry. Shearl also added that it is free. It’s so charming…and traditional. Looks like the next project for Starting Chain as well! Thanks, Shearl, for sharing your work with us!

1001643_202761236544303_939427386_nIsn’t this adorable? Emma Kaufmann writes, What do you think of these creations – A bunny family and a Chattering Duck. Don’t you just love amigurumi? I do!” Emma’s blog piece about her creation is at:

1010196_10151487603283100_728991441_nCrocheted baby blankets are so soft and welcoming. This one was posted by Erica Colton VanBebber. She writes, “Love how this sweet baby blanket turned out. Great texture.” It’s beautiful and we know it will have lots of use and get passed down through the generations!

1010525_594456267241284_755479304_nMichelle Dean Pinson‘s work will inspire many of us. Her crocheted American flag shows her spirit in time for July 4. Have any of our other readers crocheted flags? We did check and there are a number of patterns available online. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing yours with us at Starting Chain.

941540_672315652785504_939777077_nConnie Schifer‘s granny hexes are alive with bright color. They are her current project. We know they are fun to work on, too. You can just make a hex or two an evening while rocking on the porch or anytime during the day when maybe a baby is napping or during a work lunch break. It’s so relaxing, isn’t it? And then you end up with a happy completed project!

Thanks to all of you for sharing your crochet projects with Starting Chain on Facebook. It’s inspiring to see each other’s work. With social media we can share and comment and help each other out. We especially like seeing information about the pattern you’ve used, your inspiration and any interesting story that goes with your creation. Happy Chaining!

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