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This Stitch May Be Just The Thing Your Project Needs!


Do you ever finish a project and upon analyzing it in completion, decide that it is not actually done? Maybe you want to add some decorative texture to your projects edging, or maybe you have decided to fill an empty space in a mesh design?

If by any chance this sounds like you, then we know just the suggestion; we think that you should try the Picot Stitch!

The Picot stitch contains little round shaped crochet stitches and we think may be just what your project needs! Learn how to do the Picot stitch as Meladora from Meladora’s Creations for Crochets demonstrates how in the following video tutorial. Go ahdea, check it out for yourself and get hooking!

Have you ever had a project that upon “completion” you knew it was not actually finished? What stitch or technique did you use to finish off that project properly?


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