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Vivid Crochet Framed in Black

Good morning from Starting Chain! We’ve recently been interested in seeing crocheted afghans using vivid colors to beat back the winter’s grayness. This morning we’d like to feature four from our readers that use black as a frame or background. They are all beautiful and we hope they inspire!

from Karin Magnuson: “No particular pattern used here. I just wanted to use vivid colors. Both Red and Black are used liberally to frame the different motifs.

Karin’s work is beautiful and looks warm, too. It is a work of art and goes perfectly with the wood tones and deep blue’s of her home. Notice, too, how the light is hitting it.

from: Sue Harding: “Close-up of hexagonal ‘Stained Glass Window’ afghan :-)”

from: Peta Kapor Thompson: “I just finished this Cathedral Window Afghan. I bought the pattern from Ravelry.com. Once I saw the pattern I knew I had to make it. I started it while on holidays… It was lovely to see amazement on nephews faces while I crocheted…. They hadn’t actually seen anyone crochet before. I learnt from my grandma… I hope I can pass this on :)”

from: Cindy Follett Davis: “This is the Circles to Squares afghan I made for my son’s girlfriend.”

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