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We Can’t Get Enough of the Classic Crochet

There was a time when everyone really valued real crocheted table coverings, bedspreads and coverlets and all kinds of edgings for curtains and bed linen. We still love them at Starting Chain and are always delighted to see that people are still working some of the traditional designs.

This table covering was hand done by Conni Schaftenaar. She writes,

Iused a pattern for a rose I found, then created a square around the rose, fastening them together as I went. Created the central piece to beflat so that something could sit there, and designed an edging. I created this in 2009 using Aunt Lydia’s Jumbo Classic Crochet Thread.

Conni also writes that she doesn’t currently have the pattern she used. Fortunately there are many patterns available online. The crochet work makes for a very elegant table. Lets bring back the tradition of classic crochet!

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