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Wear Flowers In Your Hair With This Flower Petal Scrunchie!

I am not picky; you can call them scrunchies, hair bands, hair ties, or some other version of the word, but for all purposes of today’s post, we are going to call them scrunchies. And if you know anyone with long or semi-long hair, or maybe you have it yourself, then you understand the importance and need for scrunchies. I may start the day with my hair down but I can assure you that by lunch time it is piled up on the top of my head being held in place by a srunchie!

With some scrap yarn and a rubber band, you can learn to make this adorable scrunchie! It’s a fun, quick project that you can use everyday, which is something we love in our crochet. Follow along with this tutorial from Meladora’s Creations for Crochet, and give it a try!


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