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When Every Chain is a Treasured Thought

We all know, when we’re doing a crochet piece for someone we treasure, that we think of them with each chain. If it’s a loved family member or friend, we remember the good times, the challenges met, our hopes for them in the future. If it’s for a baby or a small child we think of them on the little blanket or wearing a darling dress or beanie. We wish for them a life that is full of happiness and joy.

Nancy Shutler has helped us all remember those things with her post showing this beautiful afghan. She writes,

Theafghan pattern is from A Leisure Arts Leaflet, and is named “Flower Sampler.” I made it for my granddaughter who will be 21 this weekend!… Every stitch was done thinking of her and how lovely and smart she is.

Nancy also interacted with others who commented on her post, thanking each. She added that her granddaughter was doing crochet, too, but with recyclable materials such as “yarn” made from plastic bags, making totes with it.

The afghan is just very beautiful! Thank you, Nancy, for sharing it with us all. Social media is about sharing and interacting. And we help each other remember that with each chain can come a treasured thought.

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