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Whoooo….Crocheters are Whooooo

Owls always seem magical. In Western culture they are often a symbol of wisdom. They’re cute. At night they go after mice. They fly silently. If we’re lucky we can see them on branches. We can hear their “Whoooo”. It’s a comforting sound. They feature prominently in children’s stories…and they make us smile.

Owl themed crochet entrances, too. It’s fun. Crocheters have wisdom, too, to bring smiles with our creations. Here are some examples for your morning enjoyment. We’d like to applaud the crocheters Whoooo made them: Elna, Bonnie and Brenda.

There are many, many patterns for crochet designs using the owl motif. One of the best ways to find patterns for something you like is to use a Google image search. Just type in something like “Crochet Owl Afghan Pattern” and click on “Images” to find something you like. Or go to the major pattern sites and search there. There are hundreds. You also can dream up your own. We love original crochet!

from: Elna Pizighelli: “A photo from Elna”

from: Bonnie Fox Schwartz: “Another owl!”

from: Brenda Koch: “A photo from Brenda”

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