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Witches and Stitches: 7 Cool Halloween Crochet Ideas

Crochet brings trick-or-treating a whole new meaning. You’re using your tricks to craft treats like costumes, candy bags, and other Halloween accessories. With your skills, crocheting something that’s fun, unique, and totally perfect for this spooky holiday just takes a little inspiration and a pattern to work with.

Here are some ideas and patterns that are sure to spark some of that creativity and leave friends and family with these DIY creations. Scroll below to see some great ideas for decorations, costumes, and more!

crochet pumpkins

  • Trick-or-Treat Bags: Knit the perfect candy carriers — decorated to look like candy corn, Frankenstein, or a spider web — with these easy-to-download instructions. Kids will love toting around these bags, which are four inches wide and tall, and they could also make great party favors for a Halloween party.

  • Clown Wig: Absolutely adorable and also easy to make, this wig will get lots of compliments on Halloween. The directions include measurements for both small and medium sizes, and combine single crochets of plain yarn with loopy yarn for a poofy effect.

  • Crocheted Fall Wreath: The secrets to this autumn wreath? Finding yarn colors that scream ìfallî and the foam wreath structure that gives it perfect shape. With a big bow at the top and little pumpkin embellishments on the bottom, it’s a perfect decoration for the season.

  • Halloween Diaper Cover: Is there anything cuter than baby Halloween costumes? Probably not — and crocheted diaper covers are a great way to make something unique that provides lots of comfort for infants. Combined with a crocheted pumpkin hat or witch hat, this is sure to win tons of compliments.

  • Lace Masquerade Mask: Attention to detail is key with this beautiful lace mask, which utilizes a bit of wire to make perfect eye holes. Pick a color that matches your outfit and some ribbon to tie everything together, and prepare to answer lots of questions about where you got this delicate creation.

  • Halloween Garland: The perfect festive touch for any home or Halloween party, this garland features black cats, ghosts, and pumpkins dangling from orange and black yarn. Listed as an intermediate level pattern, this design leaves you with more than five feet of handmade decoration.

  • Halloween Top Hat: Channel your inner Madhatter with this unique creation, which offers tons of room for customization to match your costume vision. Pick yarn colors that match your idea, accessorize with everything from jewels and ribbons to feathers and crocheted flowers, and let your creativity run wild with this one.

Honorable mention goes to this Viking costume, which doesn’t come with a pattern but shows the kind of awesome outfit you can make with a little creativity (and lots of yarn). Mermaids, cartoon characters, superheroes ñ the possibilities are endless with the right tools. And if you do knit something for Halloween, be sure to send us a photo!

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