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Wrist Elegance

We think that crocheted wrist cuffs can be an elegant accessory and are really glad to see them becoming popular.

We all know that they can be jazzed up and made fun with the addition of flowers and critters, but this one created by Dori Kendall is timeless…with a bit of intrigue thrown in. She calls it her “wrist corset”. 🙂 The little black ribbon makes it a great accessory for evening with a little black dress. There are so many options for how to lace up a wrist cuff like this, and each one could give it a completely different look.

We’d love to see more wrist cuffs, made by our readers, posted to our Starting Chain Facebook page. If you’re interested in making one there are a good number of patterns online…or you could get creative. We’d love to see some of the fun ones, too, in bright colors, and some made for winter.

Thank you, Dori, for sharing your creation with us. Happy chaining to all!

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