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You’ll Love This: One Long Chain Stitch Can Make This Gorgeous Chain Cowl!

One of my favorite accessories, regardless of the season at hand, is the scarf. I find them to not only be comfortable, but also be very versatile. You can either make scarves that are bulkier and therefore perfect for the colder months; or scarves that are lighter and great for the spring and summer months; use more complex stitches that add a lot of texture to the scarf; or go for more a simple stitch while still getting a great piece when you’re done.

There is nothing better than a project that you can use, and looks complex but is actually quite simple; that is what you get with this lovely crochet chain cowl!

Follow along with this wonderful tutorial from Crochet Hooks You and you will soon be on your way to making your own chain cowl (not to mention, it is great practice for the chain stitch).


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